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Araflora specialises in unusual and exotic indoor and outdoor plants. We offer a unique assortment of colours, shapes and sometimes even fragrances. Because of our own cultivation in the Netherlands and international purchasing contacts we can offer you a large assortment of high quality plants. Araflora supplies private customers and business enterprises. Both inexperienced plant lovers and the experienced botanist can visit Araflora for flora and accessories. Araflora brings the wonders of nature to your door. Through our webshop and at plantfairs Araflora offers a unique (botanical) assortment, such as:

    Venus Fly Trap (Dionaea)
    American Pitcherplants (Sarracenia)
    Butterworts (Pinguicula)
    Tropical Pitcherplants (Nepenthes)
    Rainbow plants (Byblis)
    Roridula Australian Pitcherplants (Cephalotus)
    Bladderword (Utricularia)
    Cobra Plant (Darlingtonia)
    Corkscrew Plant (Genlisea)
    Brocchinia Dewy pine (Drosophyllum)
    Sun pitcher (Heliamphora)
    Sundews (Drosera)

Every carnivorous plant uses its own method to lure, to feed and to digest food. For example the Flycatcher uses clams that close very quickly. The Sundew uses tentackles that will trap the insect. The leaves of the Sarracenia are shaped as a 'trumpet’, its used to catch insects. The Nepenthes uses ‘cup’ shapes that hang on top of the leaves.

There is no need to be concerned, for these plants only catch insects. U will be introduced and get some insight in this bizar world. Er is geen reden om uw zorgen te maken, deze planten vangen alleen insecten. There are hundreds of different species of carnivorous plants in the world. Many species are available via Araflora.

This website stays online due to the many visits from our customers. Take a look at our extensive collection and place your orders via Araflora. Visit our new website